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Red Affinity

My first game, with which I approached the amazing Unity engine. Published in the middle of 2018 for Android smartphones the game let you fly the space exploration probe NGU during its hard mission: reaching Mars, the Red Planet, and land on it! At the moment the game is available for download only on Amazon Store, waiting for a deep reworking.

JAM Ludum Dare #45 "Start with Nothing" Browser Game

Since hard testing yourself in a Game Jam is an essential challenge in indie game dev life...I'm too old for these things! Anyway, that's my game for October 2019 Ludum Dare.
Not delivered in time - shame! - it's about 45 hours of solo work, really started with nothing. Game let it, choose some characters, weapons, environments and useless things, then show you the power of Strange Dotted Boss. TRY IT and let me know your impressions.

ludum dare
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Take Hit Easy - Android game

Work in Progress...